Getting Started with a Digital Marketing Consultant

So you’re thinking about working with a digital marketing consultant? That’s nice. Now what do you want?? I don’t mean that in a rude way. You know, like your cantankerous next door neighbor.


Seriously – what do you want? What outcomes are you seeking for your business? Before you contact a digital marketing consultant or a digital marketing agency, you’re best served by sitting down and figuring out what your business needs are right now. What business issue distracts you from enjoying your kid’s soccer game or band concert? Are you looking for new business? Great – from where? From whom? Do you want to turn one-time customers into repeat customers? Have negative online reviews cost you sales or new clients? Are you overwhelmed by running your business Facebook and Twitter accounts? Getting really clear on your most pressing, current needs will help you and your digital marketing consultant chart out a plan that will get your business where you’d like.


Digital Marketing Can Help

There’s no shortage of tools that your digital marketing expert can use to help you solve your business problem. But being really clear on your main problem will help you focus your efforts efficiently. Don’t be afraid to look your consultant in the eye and ask, “Will this proposed solution solve x problem?” The answer should be a decisive, “YES!” Like I said, digital marketing is full of cool techniques. There’s always a new tip, trick, or hack – but a qualified digital marketing consultant will take the most relevant “tricks” and mold them into a cohesive strategy that will solve your unique problem. Like my father used to say, “Keep the main thing, THE MAIN THING.” And right now, the main thing is getting your business where you want it.  So that’s all for now. Take some time to flesh out your business’ main pain point. Once you’ve finished, schedule a short consultation.  We’d love to help.

Talk soon.

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