Special Promotion for Small Business Week!

Beacon 360 Digital Marketing celebrates National Small Business Week

Celebrating Small Business Week

National Small Business Week (April 29th – May 5th, 2018) is a time set aside by the Small Business Association to recognize the significant contributions entrepreneurs and small business owners make to the economic and social fabric of American life. Beacon 360 Digital Marketing wants to celebrate you, too, by offering small business owners an opportunity to get their businesses online! If you’re a business owner who has been hesitant about getting a website because of excessive web design fees, this is your opportunity to get a website at an affordable price.


Nothing is Free

Remember what your mother always told you, “Nothing in life is free!!” Mom was right. This promotion does involve a cost – you will pay for the hosting of your website. That’s it. You might be thinking, “Wait, wait, wait – what the heck is website hosting??” Fair question. Think about your cell phone. You may own a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone, but the phone is powered or hosted by Verizon (or Sprint, AT&T, etc) because that is the company that provides the data so your phone can actually function. P.S. For more info about hosting and domains, take a look at our previous post: “Working with a Digital Consultant: Prepare.” 


We work with two reputable and reliable hosting companies, Bluehost and A2, who offer website hosting for as little as $3.95/month. You are able to purchases hosting month-to-month, annually, biennially, or even triennially. Keep in mind: often times, the longer your hosting plan, the cheaper the price will be per month.


Check out a comparison of the 3-year hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting and BlueHost. Of course, you can choose a shorter term, but this shows the affordability of websites:




Here’s what Beacon 360 Digital Marketing will do for you:

  • Find an appropriate, professional website theme for your business
  • Set up the Home, About, and Service pages for your site
  • Provide two months of support to teach you how to make changes to your site


Want to know more? Schedule a quick call to chat. Offer ends May 5, 2018. 



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