Working with a Digital Marketing Consultant: Prepare

working with a digital marketing consultant

Working with a Digital Marketing Consultant: Prepare

You’ve identified your main business problem, and hopefully you’ve found a digital marketing expert who can help you solve that specific problem. If not, why don’t you pause here and check out our previous post, “Getting Started with a Digital Marketing Consultant.”


Digital marketing covers many, many areas – advertising, social media, website management, content creation, search engine optimization, the list goes on and on. Depending on your digital plan, your consultant will need access to at least some of your business accounts. This is particularly true if you’ve done DIY digital marketing or contracted with a digital marketing expert in the past.


TIP: Start compiling your usernames/passwords so that there’s a seamless transfer of information when you begin work with your new firm. Trust me, this simple tip will save you and your agency a TON of time (and headaches) when it’s time to start your campaign. And no worries – when your project is over, you can always change your passwords if you’re concerned about security.


Here a few accounts to consider as you prepare:

  • Website hosting – Your website host is the company that powers your website. Think about your cell phone. You may own an iPhone, but Verizon “hosts” your cell phone by providing data service. Some common hosting services are GoDaddy, A2, Bluehost, DreamHost etc.
  • Domain registrar – This is the company that you used to purchase the actual name of your website, “,” for instance. In some cases, this is the same as your website hosting company. Some common domain registrars are, NameCheap, Godaddy, etc.
  • Email marketing platform – This is the service that’s used to send your email newsletters. Some common marketing platforms are MailChimp, ConstantContact, AWeber etc.
  • Social media – Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Note: for Facebook/Instagram, you will not have to give your password – you can just add your digital marketing consultant as an admin on your account.


Still looking for a digital marketing expert to help you create a plan to grow your business? Schedule a short consultation with us to discuss how we can help.


Talk soon.

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