Digital marketing services help business owners grow their businesses

Digital marketing services? Huh?

Digital marketing services? Your Google search probably lead you down a rabbit hole of weird marketing terms.  PPC, SEO, paid media, earned media, click funnels…ARGH!! Let’s just keep it simple – digital marketing uses the Internet to let the world know about your products and services. 20 years ago, business owners had to use one of the following methods to advertise their business: television/radio spots, billboards, Yellow Pages, or newspaper advertisements. Although these vehicles are still available, the Internet has opened up many new opportunities to acquire customers – and often, less expensive.


Think about it –  when was the last time you used a Yellow Pages directory to find a company to service you? When was the last time you heard a radio commercial and said, “Ooh! I DO need my washing machine repaired – let me pull over and jot this number down!!”? No, no no.  You fired up your computer, went to your favorite search engine and typed, “washing machine repair service.” Done. And some probably just pulled out your cell phone and conducted a search there. Easy peasy. 


So if you’re using the internet to find answers to your questions, discover cool new products, and find reliable service providers, what makes you think your customers are any different? When your potential clients are looking for a product or service that you provide, don’t you want them to find you? We’re not telling you to stop paying for advertisements in the Yellow Pages, or cancel your radio spots. We are, however, suggesting you consider the upside of using digital tools like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and lead generation to help grow your business.


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